Buy it but if you don’t have this meter you know don’t fret because you know you can actually look at this capacitor and examine your own capacitor and determine whether it’s you know faulted or not so let’s get this out of the way first thing you need to do with any capacitor is discharged the leads now I did that by shorting the leads with a screwdriver okay so you take your.

screwdriver and you hold the insulated handle and you go across the leads all the way across okay and that that’ll short it and if actually if you go from the C which is a common to the other tooth and then you know basically short them all out you’ll be fine and I’ve done that with both of these and you should do that with any capacitor you get including a new one out of the box.

Treat it as is it like a loaded weapon treated like it’s live okay so here’s what you need to know in order to find a correct replacement for your capacitor so let’s go look at the specs on this this is a GE capacitor if you look at it you’ll see that it is okay so if you’re looking for an exact replacement for this then just go find yourself a GE capacitor that is the two.

l five five six I find that the G capacitors are more expensive than the others this one’s twenty five or thirty dollars at on Amazon around there actually I’ve seen it up to thirty five dollars so whereas the other capacitor the sub co or soup Co I bought was eleven or twelve dollars so the other capacitor has convex shape to it it looks like it’s you know like it’s got pressure underneath it well it actually does this this dome this capacitor should actually be absolutely flat on the top just like this one this one is absolutely flat as you can see okay there’s no bubbling up or convex shape to it at all this one you can see how it’s all popped out it looks like it’s you know like you know like.

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