I was pretty scary I was putting that crib in and right then is when it flipped over towards me you just got to always expect something once the barn is high enough a crossbar is secured to the main beams in order to attach the truck outside James secures the front of the building with seven strand quarter-inch tether cable the building as it comes.


Downhill this whole building is on the one to fall over that’s the maybe thousand pounds leaning we’re going to secure this whole thing and the big giant X’s and I think we can hold her up yeah well we’ve got some rain we’ve got some precipitation.

The grass is wet I think we better do this thing first thing in the morning bill calls it quits for the day but the barn is ready to move it’s later that night nor Meyer jr. has lived in the cabin for years and has experienced several disturbing noises sounded like baseball bat hitting a railroad rail something like that he has called in a paranormal investigator to rid the homestead of unwanted entities he feels were brought on by the four unexplained.

Deaths hello is anyone here the buildings here are going to leave the house is leaving the barn is saw the speed I was going right okay and that’s the speed we’re going to maintain down this hill it’s just in low gear letting the Train you any work I got a little bit of break going you just keep tension on the chain we’re dragging a little bit on this beam it’s the sound of something wrong I don’t like a race man tons of shifting weight has proven to be too much snapping one.

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