when you hammer this in that we are not hammering directly on the bearing probably should have shown you that but this is an old bearing off a used part not really caring at this point but now we have determined that this is not our problem so let’s go look and see if we could find the source of our problem suspect number two is something with the compressor itself given its difficulty to access from up here I’m going to raise the vehicle and gain access to it from underneath that way we can get our hands on the compressor and see if we can figure out what’s going on with that safety glasses engage for those of you might be wondering I put the jack stand under that support and I’ve left the floor jack in place also so I actually have two supports one hanging out under.

that back far enough you can just pull it right out and that’s what you get this one is slightly damaged unfortunately but you want to when you go to reinsert this make sure all these are pushed together and as you screw it in those things spread apart and lock it into place we should be able to pull this down now all right now we have our AC compressor exposed I am reasonably certain that our noise involved the AC since when we turned it on and off it’s the noise changed and there it is see the movement here on this pulley you can also hear it this is the source of our noise fairly.

certain there is there is new ac unit tucson hope here many would think that we need a new AC compressor not true this clutch assembly is sold separately and you can just replace the clutch assembly instead of the entire compressor in addition to that you won’t have to open any the AC system in order to replace this part so we’re just going to replace this part this AC pulley and see what we have after that all right over here on the bench here we have our new parts this is a stator it’s an electromagnetic clutch so to speak and that when this when this coil inside of here is energized it pulls this onto this assembly so this is your pulley assembly and this is the bearing which I suspect is is our faulty part on the compressor there’s a little.

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